Pets Are Family Too

We know that pets are part of your family. We want to help keep you and your beloved pets together when times are tough.

They Count On Us

Who can our pets turn to? They rely on the love and care they receive from you. We are here to help.

We Hope We Grow Old Together

We want our pets to be around and healthy as long as possible. Sometimes things happen and extra care is needed. We are here to bridge the gap when finances make such care difficult.


Welcome to the Hand To Paw Fund

Iyla Meet Iyla, my Australian Shepherd mix, who was the inspiration for the Hand to Paw Fund. She broke her leg while running through some brush along the Willamette River in Portland beneath Oaks Park.

If I hadn’t been able to gather the funds for her surgery, I would have faced an impossible decision.

During her 8 week recovery, I decided to ask friends if they would be willing to comb through their attics and garages for donation items for a resale shop to benefit emergency veterinary care for pets.

This led to the beginnings of the Hand to Paw Fund as well as our Resale shop where you can shop for the benefit of the animals.

No one has to convince a Portlander that thrift shops make environmental sense. To allay the burden of the manufacture of new “stuff”, we turn to thrifts as a first choice. That way, we keep the driving local, the money local and we reinforce our community ties. In using the proceeds to benefit animals and people in our communities, we are able to contribute to good as a part of our everyday lives. A definite Win Win!

Photos of some of the Pets we have helped

You can read their individual stories and those of others HERE.