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Hand to Paw Helps Cody


Would you want to surrender this dog just because you’re in temporary financial need?

That was what Cody’s owner was advised to do after he fractured his hind leg and she didn’t have the money to pay for treatment. Hand to Paw Fund was able to locate Dr. Shaw, at Southgate Clinic, a compassionate vet who x-rayed this little Chi, bandaged the leg and sent him home with meds and the advice to take it easy on the karate for a while. Please help us to support emergency treatment for other pets whose owners are having a hard time.

Small donations from many people add up to wags and purrs.

Abby can use your help

Abby’s Story

abby Abby is a wonderful little 2 year and 9 month old Maltese/Lhasa Apso (Lhatese). We picked up Abby when she was 8 weeks old after finding her online.
She had the sweetest little cry the whole ride home that still resonates in our hearts. Abby was quick to learn as she loves her treats, and Abby was house trained in no time.

Abby’s afternoons are spent pouncing in her yard, chasing birds flying overhead and rolling and flopping in the lush lawn. She also loves walks and camping and hiking. Abby leads the way on trails and is not shy about walking through every mud puddle she finds.

My husband has never been a dog person but when we got Abby it was like love at first sight for him. I’ve never seen a man love a dog as much as he loves Abby. She brings so much joy to our lives and to others around her. With Abby, there is always a never ending supply of kisses.

Sadly, Abby’s life has taken a major turn. In April, she was struggling to walk caused by what we thought was her paw. She quickly began having seizures and her condition continued to worsen. Each day in the hospital her condition deteriorated and she became so unbalanced that she could barely stand without falling over. With the MRI and spinal tap results in hand, the vet’s diagnosis is a serious case of meningitis. She is slowly recovering.

Can you help this family to offset the huge hospital bills they incurred? Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please specify Abby’s name with your donation.

Wario the Kitty

Wario was one of the cats helped by our contribution to the Eastgate Veterinary Clinic in Corvallis. Their Second Chance program provides medical rehabilitation for homeless pets and helps to locate permanent homes.